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Centrally located in the
Chelsea section of Manhattan,
Thornton Studio Photographers has been a name synonymous with professional photography andsuperior imaging since 1972.

As a vertical studio,
we offer several services, including
studio and on-location photography,
in-house production, passport and visa photos, and professional printing.

For more information about
Thornton and our products,
call us at 212-647-1966

Thornton Studio Photographers

Thornton Studio Photographers
150 West 25th Street New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-647-1966

Portrait Specialists

Thornton Studio Photographers
150 West 25th Street New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-647-1966


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-Click on Schedule Your Appointment
-Click New User and fill out registration form
-Now enter your password provided on your postcard to log in
-If you have any questions, please call us at (212)-647-1966 or 1-800-883-9449 (outside of NYC)

- To access our products, click on Order Your Images
- Enter the password provided on your proof sheet (located on the bottom)
- Click on Products (located on the top of the screen)
- If you don’t have a password, please call us at (212)-647-1966
  •                                                            By Mail
  • Online
     -To process your order, your proof sheet must be mailed back with your selected poses indicated
     -On the reverse side of the proof images you want to order, you will indicate the desired print size
       Mail to:      Thornton Studio
                       150 West 25th St. STOREFRONT
                       New York, NY 10001
     -Click on Order Your Images
     -Type in your password provided on the bottom of your proof sheet.
     -Please note that your proofs will be available online for thirty days after you receive them in the mail
     -If you wish to place your order online after thirty days, you may call the studio at (212)-647-1966
     -If you don’t have a password, or it is not working, please call us at (212)-647-1966
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